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MS Access 2007 Help.

Access 2003 to Access 2007 Guide:
Access 2003 to Access 2007 interactive command reference guide from Microsoft - very handy.

Whats New in Access 2007:

Converting to Access 2007:

Access 2007 FAQ and help:
Jeff Conrad has some great resources at


New Features in Access 2007

This website primarily deals with an introduction to new features added in Microsoft® Access 2007 and a comparison between Microsoft® Access 2003 versus the new 2007 version.

Error Message: The Visual Basic for Applications project in the database is corrupt:
You create a Microsoft Access 2007 database (.accde, or .mde or .ade) file to give to your users. It runs fine on your machine and for several other users, but some people get this error dialog as soon as they run it:

"Microsoft Access 2007 SP1 Error Message: The Visual Basic for Applications project in the database is corrupt"

For the life of you, you can't figure out why. The message says the VBA project is corrupt, but the same file runs fine on other machines. And since it's an MDE/ACCDE/ADE file, the user can't modify it making it doubly confusing how they could have corrupted it.

In fact, it has nothing to do with VBA or database corruption. Your database is fine. It just won't run on that machine..

See link for full details on how to fix this: http://www.fmsinc.com/MicrosoftAccess/Access2007%5FSP1/

How can you implement user level security if you are using Access 2007

How do you close report in print preview mode in Access 2007

Kath Pelletti from the Access Mailing list said she found this tool invaluable: http://ribboncustomizer.clatonh.com/Main.aspx

She got it from a link sent to the list by Dan (see http://blogs.msdn.com/access/archive/2007/12/05/access-ribbon-customizer.aspx).
It is a free download which helps you to quickly create a custom toolbar. It allows you to select commands and it sets up the XML for you
One for reports and a different one for your main application.

Alternatively you could just customise the quick access toolbar and pop a close button there....She has done that for one client. Right click on the
QAT (quick access toolobar, select customise....) That way you could get rid of the ribbon. Or use the tool mentioned above to replace the ribbon with
one of your own.

(thanks to Kath Pelletti)


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