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The best Excel solutions available online.
In my experience the websites listed below are the most useful sites for MS Excel assistance and problem solving.  These folks did not pay to be listed here, indeed they did not even ask.  Rather it is my way of saying thanks for all the time and effort these people have saved me and I hope they can help you as much too.  Most of these folks are MVP qualified and these few sites can provide you with hundreds of free, effective and proven solutions to just about any Excel issue or problem you have experienced.  All of these sites provide advice and solutions that is freely available to you without obligation.

Pearson Software Consulting: (http://www.cpearson.com/excel.htm) (MVP)
This is one of the most wonderful and useful Excel resources on the web.  This site is run by Chip Pearson and covers both VBA (Macros) and regular formulae.  These are many examples of solutions for day to day problems.  I especially use Chip Pearson's site for formulas or code for dealing with:
 - Finding and dealing with duplicates in Excel.
 - Calculating time in Excel.
 - Using VBA code to manipulate or modify VBA code.
 - Replacing code in one workbook with code from another.
Just to list a few, there are pages and pages of information in here.
Link directly to topics page:

VBA: Best for XL97 and greater
Excel: Formulae should work in any version of Excel.

Peltier Technical Services: (http://peltiertech.com/) (MVP)
Jon Peltier's website features one of the Internet's most extensive collections of information, tutorials, tips, and tricks relating to effective and innovative charting in Microsoft Excel, with a few general Excel items as well.  If you need help with Charts in Excel along with a whole host of great tips and tricks, this is the place to check out.

David McRitchie: (http://www.mvps.org/dmcritchie/excel/excel.htm) (MVP)
Words fail me with this site.  There is a huge amount of detailed information on this site. I am always amazed at how much work it would have been putting this resource together.  The layout is kind of crazy and busy, but the information contained is well worth digging around for.

David states his site provides Excel macro solutions as building blocks with usage notes to help beginners and fairly advanced users work with Excel spreadsheets. Worksheet Formulas, VBA Macros, Backup & Recovery, Color Palette, Conditional Formatting, Event Macros, Excel Newsgroups, Response Time Considerations, Generating HTML, List of Functions and Subroutines, Shortcuts, Menus/Toolbars

Office Automation: (http://www.oaltd.co.uk/) (MVP)
Office Automation Ltd provides a number of helpful and interesting utilities, examples, tips and techniques to help in your use of Excel and development of Excel solutions. These files can be found on the Excel, Excel MVP, Smart Indenter and VBE Tools pages of this site

Office Automation Ltd is owned and run by Stephen Bullen. A graduate of Oxford University, Stephen has an MA in Engineering, Economics and Management, providing a unique blend of both business and technical skills. He is one of a handful of people worldwide to be awarded Microsoft's Most Valuable Professional award for his Excel skills and has been given the MVP award every year since 1995.

This site is home to many useful excel addins as well a very interesting "they said it couldn't be done" page. Great stuff.

J-Walk: (http://spreadsheetpage.com/)
John Walkenbach site is great for folks starting out as well as lots of information for those more skilled.  His knowledge is impressive and this site is full of useful code snippets, solutions and general Excel knowledge.

Decision Models: (http://www.decisionmodels.com/optspeedb.htm)
Charles Williams has a great site on clearly explaining:
 - Excel's calculation secrets
 - How to optimise calculation speed
 - Excel's memory limits (and how they can vary from your onboard RAM)
You can also download sample workbooks demonstrating practical examples of how to maximise Excel calculation engine.

Daily Dose of Excel: (http://www.dailydoseofexcel.com/) (MVP)
by Dick Kusleika - An excellent and informative blog site full of insight, Excel and other fun stuff.

Ron's Excel Tips: (http://www.rondebruin.nl/tips.htm) (MVP)
Ron de Bruin site is always up to date and has many useful tip and code examples.  Code and examples on how to email a spreadsheet from Excel is just one small sample of what Ron has to offer.

Colo's Excel Junk Room: (http://puremis.net/excel/tips.shtml) (MVP)
A good site with solid VBA advice and lots of clear explainations on Excel coding and syntax.  Well worth a look.

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