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Excel 2007 Notes and Help
Excel 2007 is known as version 12 so you can Id if the version is 2007 or not.

Interactive: Excel 2003 to Excel 2007 command reference guide:

Excel 2007 Command Mapped (from older versions of Excel)
My office has converted us all to Excel 2007. where can I get a map that shows where the old Excel commands are to be found in the new "user friendly" 2007?  Firstly, it's actually built in - search help for What's New and you'll find where commands are from Excel 2003. If you want more details please see one of the following links

One way to find ANY command's location is to right-click a command, choose "Customize Quick Access Toolbar", in the first dropdown, change to All commands, find your command alphabetically (thanks to Bob Umlas)

Excel 2007 running slow?
Make sure you have disabled the Google Office COM addin: this can significantly slow down XL2007

Other things to consider:

Why wont the macro recorder work when I try to record creating a chart in XL 2007?
Simple reason, Microsoft broke it. The macro recorder does not function fully as expected in Excel 2007.

Hate the Ribbon? Want to install Classic 2003 Menus in Excel?
Thank god for 3rd party modders who are smarter than me!  Here are three of the best I have found so far, in no particular order or preference.


Tooolbar Toggle

XL Menu 2003

Macro Not Found Error - Excel 2007

A user has bought a new laptop with Vista and XL 2007.  From a thumb drive the user has no problem using my XL application on a older laptop running XL2003 under XP, but when trying to use the application on the new laptop they get a Macro Not Found Error.  Is there a setting or something with Vista/2007 that needs tweaking?

This is normally caused by a security setting in Excel 2007: This site link below may assist you with helping the user check macro
security setting in Excel 2007.  
(Thanks to Simon Bamber - Excel-L list)


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