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Excel Solution Centre.
I have listed here some of the more common questions I get, along with the code and solution that I found tricky to get solutions for.  I will try not to duplicate information that is readily available via the 'Best Excel Links' page.  This page will be updated frequently.

Email and Zip files from Excel
Automatically zipping Excel Files
Create Outlook Distribution List from Excel List
Email data directly from Excel
Include Email Signature from Outlook when Emailing via VBA

Excel and VBA Tips and Tricks
Calculating MPH in Excel
Change start page number for printing
Convert Excel File to JPG or Picture

Create a shortcut on the desktop
Delete Row or Column and Capture event
Delete blank cells/rows in Excel using VBA
Excel could not save all the data and formatting you recently added
Extract Unique List from a column of data

Find the current user's "MyDocuments" folder
Find the language version being used
Get Column Letter from VBA code
Get rid of Excel file bloat

Get UNC server path using VBA
List all available fonts
Loan Amortisation/Amortization calculation
Number formatting Explained
Open Userform in top corner of worksheet
Polar plots in Excel
Powerpoint and Excel
Test for Illegal Characters

Other Useful Excel Links
The Most Useful Microsoft Excel Links
Teach Yourself Excel
Excel 2007 Help
Recommended Excel Books

Excel Formula and VBA Help
Array Formule Explained
Calculate months in a quarter
Formula for counting number of fortnights
IF Statements and IF Functions explained
Installation file SKU011.cab could not be found
Move data from Excel To Access
Move data from Access To Excel
Prevent users from opening another workbook
Numbers greater than 15 Characters
Searching and Sorting in VBA
Sumproduct Explained
Sum by Colour / Color
Most Useful Add-ins and User Tools
MZ Tools
AppsPro Utilities
Find Link
Name Manager
Excel Utilities
Code Cleaner
and many more...
Visual Basic Editor Issues
Scroll Wheel / Mouse wheel does not work in the VBE
VBA Code help and archive
VBA Array character limit
VBE no longer displays Downdown List
Weird Code in the immediate window

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