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MS SQL Server.
Starting to do a lot more work with SQL Server - Will start to post details here soon...

Links I have found useful in the early days of using SQL Server.
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Convert Microsoft Access (JET SQL) to SQL Server (T-SQL) Cheatsheet
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Microsoft Excel PivotTables 9 Great support for SQL Server Analysis Services
MSDN SQL Reference
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Page 5 - How to Receive Data from a Single Table
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What would be a good website to start learning SQL?

This covers the basics very well:

How do I find out my Connection String?

Please follow the steps below:
1.) Create a text file myConnect.txt
2.) Rename the text file to myConnect.udl
3.) Double click on the new file
4.) Goto Connection Tab
5.) Click on Use Connection String
6.) Click on Build
7.) Goto Machine Data Source
8.) Click New..
9.) Select System Data Source - Next >
10.) Select SQL Server
11.) Next and Finish
12.) Under 'Create a New Data Source to SQL Server' window - Enter a name
for the DSN, description and select a server from the dropdown list
13.) Depending on your system setup choose either NT authentication or SQL
Server Authentication (check with your DBA)
14.) Click Next
15.) Check Change the default database to: <Your database name> ie
16.) Click Finish - > Test Data Source... -> OK
17.) Ok
18.) OK
19.) OK
20.) Once all the windows are closed, open the udl file with a notepad

Your connection string to the server will display as follow:

; Everything after this line is an OLE DB initstring
Provider=MSDASQL.1;Persist Security Info=False;Extended
Properties="DSN=test;APP=Microsoft® Windows® Operating

Copy this connection string and embed it within your VBA code for an ADO
recordset to use.

Thanks to Vincent Tan - Excel-L Mailing List

Optimizing Microsoft Office Access Applications Linked to SQL Server

Lots of advice and tips and code here from Andy Byron:

Optimizing Microsoft Office Access Applications Linked to SQL Server

He even discusses some of the unbound and locking issues:

Thanks to Gustav Brock - Access D Mailing List